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Before Going To Bed Tonight (20/7/2020), Say These Powerful Prayer Points

The bible made us to know that in the night, evil men goes around making sacrifices. This to show that even while we are sleeping in the night, there are alot of spiritual warfare going on around us. That is why as are Christian, you have to always pray before going to bed every night.

Therefore, before going to bed tonight, below are powerful prayer points you should say;

Lord Jesus, I thank you for a wonderful day. As I am going to bed tonight, please protect and guide from the terrors of the nights in Jesus name.

Lord, as am going to bed tonight, any blood sucking demon that would want to suck my blood tonight, I destroy them in Jesus name.

As mountain surround Jerusalem, so do I summon all my guardian angels from the four corners of the earth to surround my house in Jesus name.

No evil power is permitted to fly over the roof of my house tonight in Jesus name.

Lord, as I am going to bed tonight, I pray that you will send the Holy Spirit to minister to me tonight in Jesus name.

Lord, I pray that you may reveal to me hidden facts in my life in Jesus name.

I pray that my wrong doing today will not hunt me while I sleep tonight in Jesus name.

Any where that my enemies had gathered tonight to plan on how to oppress me, tonight, as I am going to bed, I pray that the fire of the holy ghost will locate and consume them in Jesus name.

Lord, as I am going to bed tonight, I command surgeons from above to operate on my body to remove every infirmities of the evil one in my body in Jesus name.

Lord, I pray that you will give me the strength to conquer every bad encounter in my dreams tonight in Jesus name.

Thank you Lord for giving ears to my prayers in Jesus name.


Share to your loved ones so that they can also say these powerful prayer points before going to bed tonight.

Please like if you believe these prayer points to be fervent and don't forget to follow this page to be getting more powerful prayer points.


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