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Luke 11 : 1 - 13 : The Interpretation Of The Lord's Prayer

One of the disciples of Jesus Christ said to Him, " teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples." Then, Jesus Christ taught gave them a modeled prayer called the Lord's prayer as stated in the gospel according to Saint Luke chapter 1 verses 1 to 13.

Jesus Christ said to His disciples in verse 2 of the chapter above that whenever they wanted to pray, they should say, " Our father who art in Heaven, Hallow be thy name.." meaning, they should as a matter of priority, give reference to God in their prayers, they should appreciate God and give thanks to Him for what He had done for them, likewise, in the same manner today, in our prayers to God, we should first and formost appreciate God and give thanks to Him for what he had done in the past, what He is doing presently and what He will do in future to come, may God Almighty give us the heart of gratitude to Him.

Meaning of "thy kingdom come, thy will be done as in heaven, so in earth," we must ask God to save our souls, so that we can do will of God and keep His commandments in our hearts.

Verse 3 said, " Give us day by day our daily bread," meaning that we must always trusting God for our daily needs.

Verse 4 hammered on forgiveness, if we want our sins to be forgiven by God, we just always ready to forgive other people who had wronged us in one way or the others. We must all ask God to deliver us from all evils.

Conclusion, Jesus Christ said in verses 9 of the Bible passage that we are considering, " Ask , and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." Therefore, anytime we are praying to God for one thing or the others, we must have faith in Him that He will surely grant us our requests.

I pray that the good Lord will surely answer your prayer today, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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