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Incredible Of Ooni Of Ife Bows Down To Another King

While a few people said it is ill-advised for Ooni of Ife to bowing down in the congregation, he said he was brought into the world a Christian and he insists that, when he stated: "I was brought into the world a Christian and will pass on a Christian." He said it openly and he came to chapel and stooped for petitions. 

He said no natural ruler is made than the grand God. 

My Sentiment 

Ooni of Ife wasn't right to bow in the congregation, you can't be a Christian and be a yoruba ruler, yoruba culture ought to be regarded and Yoruba religion ought to be the religion of each Yoruba lord. 

Yoruba religion likewise regard the grand God and they have their own particular manner of adoring Him. 

A lord as large as ooni of Ife ought to show the individuals that Yoruba religion isn't mischievous and he ought to endeavor to make it well known and acknowledged by the world not the opposite way around. 

Prior to the appearance of this outside religion, Yorubas were counseling God and they had a cleric who was a go-between among God and man, they additionally have conceived again Yoruba religion which is Omoluabi. 

What is your view about this?

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