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2 Public Figures Who Left The Catholic Church For Their Own Reasons

Some celebrites and public figures have made decisions about our religious life and how they want it to be, some have decided to stop going to Church but they still pray to God, while some are still very active when it comes to anything that has to do with God.

Here are two celebrites who were brought up in the Catholic faith, but they actually stop going to the church for their own reasons. 

1. Chimamanda Adichie 

The popular writer and award winning novelist was born and brought up in the Catholic church, at first chimamanda described the church in Nigeria as business centers. 

But during an interview, Chimamanda said the main reason why she left the Catholic church, was because the church once stopped a devoted couple from receiving the Holy communion in the church, because their daughter was pregnant amd got married to an Anglican.  

2. Ariana Grande

The American singer and actress who was born and raised in the Catholic church, left the Catholic church because they were against the decision of her brother who was a gay. 

According to Ariana, the love she had for her brother could not allow her go against his decision, and they are now members of the Kabbalah section of Judaism. 

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