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3 Questions About Your Life That You Must Answer If You Want to Succeed

There are 3 important questions about your life that you must answer if you want to succeed. A firm knowledge of the answers to these questions would help you achieve success. Therefore, I advise you to take these 3 questions seriously, and also, try to answer them as quickly as possible. Without further ado, they are:

1. Who Am I?

The first question to ask is “who am I”. In life, you have to know who you are before you can have anything called success. In the bible, Moses was busy tendering the sheep of his father in law before God called him. God, being merciful to him, showed him who he was by telling him that he was the one who would deliver the children of Israel from the land of Egypt. From that day onward, Moses became a leader of the children of Israel after God had used him to bring them out of Egypt. The truth is that you can never truly have a purpose if you don’t know who you are. And a purposeless life is not a life worth living. Therefore, I advise you to know who you are. Once you know who you are, you would abide by the principles which makes you that person.

2. Where Am I Going To?

The next question on our list is “where am I going to?”.After knowing who you are, the next thing is to know your destination. As Christians, we all know that our next destination is heaven. Also, in our daily activities of education, business, and so on, we should also know where we are going to. In the Bible, Abraham had faith, and he knew that God was taking him to a land of milk and honey. This was why he got there. We have to know where we are going to, and our journey should be in the direction of God’s purpose for our lives.

3. How Would I Get There?

The last question is “how would I get there?”. After knowing about your destination, the next thing is to know how you would get there. Generally, our path in life should follow all of God’s commandments. However, we should also follow the leading of the Holy Spirit on how we should get there. He is the comforter and the one who would teach us all things. Ask him of how to get to your divine destination, and he would give you the instructions you need in Jesus name. Amen,

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