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Powerful emperors who were crowned by the Catholic Church.

Before the era of Protestantism and the decline in the powers of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Churches led by the Pope and the Holy See were involved in the anointing, coronation and enthronement of the Emperors and Kings who rules the early nations of the earth. And even till today, the Catholic Church is still influential with regards to Catholic nations who practice Monarchy example Spain. There is an extensively list of Emperors who were coronate by Popes starting from the first emperor Charles who in his time the Holy Roman Empire began. Charles was crowned by Pope Leo III in Rome, Italy in year 800a.d and his son Louis I was crowned by Pope Stephen IV in Reims, France. The following were also crowned by succeeding Popes and they became Holy Roman Emperors, swearing fealty to the Pope and his successors and promising to defend the church.

Lothair I was crowned in 823 by Pope Paschal I 

Louis II was crowned in 844 by Pope Leo IV 

Charles II was crowned 875 by Pope John VIII

Charles III was crowned in 881

Guy III of Spoleto was crowned in 891 by Pope Stephen V and his nephew Lambert II of Spoleto was crowned the following year 1892 by Pope Formosus in Italy but this time in Ravenna.

Arnulf of Carinthia was crowned in 896

Louis III was crowned in 901 by Pope Benedict IV

Berengar was crowned in 915 by Pope John X

Otto I was crowned in , 962 by Pope John XII

Otto II was crowned in 967 by Pope John XIII

Otto III was crowned in, 996 by Pope Gregory V

Henry II was crowned in 1014 by Pope Benedict VIII

Conrad II was crowned in 1027 by Pope John XIX

Henry III was crowned in 1046 by Pope Clement II

Henry IV was crowned in 1084 by Antipope Clement III

Henry V was crowned in 1111 by Pope Paschal II

Lothair III was crowned in 1133 by Pope Innocent II

Frederick I was crowned in 1155 by Pope Adrian IV

Henry VI was crowned in 1191 by Pope Celestine III

Otto IV was crowned in 1209 by Pope Innocent III

Frederick II was crowned in 1220 by Pope Honorius III

Henry VII was crowned in 1312 by Ghibellines cardinal

Louis IV was crowned in 1328 Senator Sciarra Colonna

Charles IV was crowned in 1355 by Pope Innocent VI's cardinal

Sigismund was crowned in 1433 by Pope Eugenius IV

Frederick III was crowned in 1452 by Pope Nicholas V

Charles V was crowned in 1530 by Pope Clement VII

And the emperor of Constantinople Peter II was crowned in 1217 by Pope Honorius III.

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