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The Lords Prayer And Why You Should Say It.

Is the Lord's Prayer the Standard for Christians? Or Is it a Model to Follow?

Twice in different occasions in the Holy Bible, Jesus taught what is popularly referred to as "the Lords Prayer." He taught the multitude that came up to him in the mountain, in Matthew 6:9-13,

and also when a disciple ask him to teach them how to pray in Luke 11: 1-13.

If this prayer seems impotent, and incapable of yielding results, it is so because you say it as a mere recitation and not as faith filled declaration, calling on the Father. This is why some Pentecostals only see it as model for prayer and not prayer in itself.

But I plead to differ from that believe, because of one singular reason, which I will place before you as a question.

Why did Jesus teach the same thing, in two different places with different audience, when ever he teaches the people to pray?

For Jesus to have repeated it twice to his disciples, it means there is something in it that he wants them to catch. Though,in Luke 11,he had to paraphrase it, reaffirming what he had initially taught them at the sermon on the mountain Matthew 6:9-13.

What is that thing?

The preceding verse of Matthew 6:9 and the succeeding verses of Luke 11:4-13 points us to one thing, "God the Heavenly Father" who more that anything is capable of watching over and caring for his children. Therefore, developing that consciousness in the believer, that God is already aware of his/her needs before asking. And has made provisions for them to be met. Instead of long repetitive prayers hoping God is not to busy to answer. 

If the Lord's prayer is not yielding results for you, it's because faith I not being mixed with your words. And you should know that lack of faith affects any other type/kind of prayer you can think of.

Maybe the disciples have been applying it without effect. This prompted the particular discipline to ask for the second time.  Remember, in the kingdom of God, you are as God as your knowledge in Christ.

Before going out today, say it to yourself, knowing fully well that the Father is always ready to supply your needs.

What is your opinion on the Lord's Prayer?

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