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Say this prayer on your Birthday

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Birthday is an anniversary day of birth date. It is the day one is brought to this world by a loving mother who took the pain of pregnancy for a period of nine months or more.

Birthday is celebrated according to one's cultural belief, religious doctrines or according to the level of socialization. As a believer, one must know that birthday is the day one needs to be very prayerful and even fast if convenient. Prophet Muhammad was reported to have said: " ... I fast on Mondays because it was the day I was born."

Hence, it is advisable for you to have the following prayer. " O God of mercy! The everlasting God, The One who never sleeps or slumbers. The master of the day of judgement, God of the glorious throne. Today is my birthday. As I increase in age today, show me your infinite mercy, God bless me, open my doors to success, victory, progress and prosperity. Let my new age come with grace and be better than the previous. Help me against my enemies. God! Be my weapons against an enemy who appears as a friend, an enemy who appears as a family and an enemy who appears as a mentor. Bless me with long life with good health. God, anything I lay my hands on, let it be blessed. Put in my mind the love of those things or those people that would lead me to success. Remove from my mind the love of those things or those people that could lead me to destruction. Aamiin!"

Please, share this important information to your friends and families who about to celebrate their birthday. You can drop your opinions in the comments box. Thanks.

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