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Pope Francis Asks World Leaders To Work Towards A World Without Nuclear Weapons.

Pope Francis of the Catholic Church has asked all world leaders to find avenues through which they can begin to work towards a world without nuclear weapons.

The Pope who is the leader of the Catholic Church, also considered as the Universal church, was speaking through his official Twitter handle where he has been using to communicate to the world lately.

As we all know, most of the countries known as super powers in the world have nuclear weapons and or have access to nuclear weapons which they have manufactured to use in case of war.

These nuclear weapons are said to possess so much power that they can destroy a who country or a vast part of the Earth when released, as was seen in the case of Hiroshima.

But while speaking today, Pope Francis who is originally from Argentina urged world leaders to consider having working towards having a world without nuclear weapons.

According to the Pope, a world without nuclear weapons will contribute to the advancement of peace and multinational corporation which humanity greatly needs today.

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