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Say these powerful prayers to bring down the power of God

Almighty and ever-living Father; the one who was, and is to come!

Ancient of days, giver of life; the lord powerful in battle and strong in might!

You have shown your powers to pharaoh and he released the Israelites! You showed your power in the lion's den and Daniel was not harmed!

You showed your strength in Babylon when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were thrown into the furnace!

You showed your mighty hands when the prophets of Baal challenged your servant, Elijah!

Oh Lord of host! The time has come for you to show your immense power in my life! Come down and manifest your powers today!

Glorious God, that the world may come to know you through the miracles you will do for me today, in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Father, fight my battles today because I cannot fight them anymore. My enemies are strong but you are mighty; destroy all who seek to destroy me in the mighty Name of Jesus!

Oh lord, the world has turned me into a laughing object because of my situation, they have jeered at me because I am in penury; Father arise in battle for my sake and take me to higher ground in the mighty name of Jesus!

I have no one else but you, God! Day and night it is you that I call to, arise oh lord let mine and your enemies be scattered in the mighty name of Jesus!

Lord you said that I am the apple of your eyes therefore whoever touches me, touches the apple of your eyes; let your angels of war stand guard around me today in the mighty name of Jesus!

You said that you will condemn any mouth that will condemn me, Lord make me an object of beauty for your glory today in the mighty name of Jesus!

I will not labor in vain today in Jesus' name!

The Lord will be my shield and protect me from every evil arrow in the mighty name of Jesus!

Any dark force that will seek to terminate me today will be visited with the fire of the holy ghost in the mighty name of Jesus!

Who is the king of Glory? The Lord God of host!

You have shown Israel your protection oh sovereign God; let my family partake in this unshakable love in the mighty name of Jesus!

May every Pharaoh in my life be visited by your wrath in the mighty name of Jesus!

I surrender to your mighty power today, Lord! And I believe that these Egyptians I see today, I will see no more in the mighty name of Jesus!


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