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Could Seun Kuti Be Right to Ask Pastors to Stop Praying For Nigeria?

One of the sons of Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, Nigeria's Afro beat legend and Music maestro Seun Kuti has slammed pastors who are of the habit of telling their members to pray for Nigeria.

Seun Kuti.

According to Daily Post the musician made this known in an Instagram post on Monday 13th September, 2021. In the Instagram post Seun Kuti said that clerics should stop asking their congratulations to pray for Nigeria, they should start telling their congregants to fight for Nigeria instead.

"Pastors who underperformed in their Churches were sacked and not prayed for, girls who accused pastors of raping them weren't prayed for including men who accused pastors of sleeping with their wives" He claimed.

"Switch up the sermon, I mean when some pastors weren't performing in their Churches, we didn't pray for them we sacked them. So nobody should pray for Nigeria, fight for Nigeria instead".

However, it should be noted that praying for one's country is scriptural. According to Psalm 122 verse 6, the holy Bible says pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Jerusalem in this context can be interpreted to mean any city where one lives.

Another issue raised by the Afro beat legend's son is that Pastors should tell their members to fight for Nigeria. Well, it's not surprising that Seun is saying this since his own father Fela Anikulakpo Kuti was a freedom fighter who always motivate Nigerians through his music to fight against corrupt government.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Seun Kuti is right in asking pastors to stop telling their members to pray for Nigeria and that they should ask them to fight for Nigeria instead? Please leave a message in the comment section. Also like and share this article. Don't forget to follow me for more interesting articles.

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