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The Removal Of Nigeria From The List Of Religious Violators By The US & Amnesty International’s Call To Impose Sanctions

Punch reports that The United States has removed Nigeria from its list of religious violators, even as it blacklisted Russia, China, and eight other countries “as Countries of Particular Concern for having engaged in or tolerated ‘systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of religious freedom.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made this known in a statement on Wednesday titled, ‘Religious Freedom Designations’.

This is a welcome idea from the US. Religious tolerance in Nigeria is indeed good. You can see Muslims and Christians working together in an office while every one of them is practicing their faith. It is common in the southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria that within a family, there are Muslims and Christians who go to the ceremonies of themselves.

That is why the US has deemed it fit to exclude Nigeria from the list. Although, there are groups of people like the and others that are religious fanatics. But their fanatism does not represent the public interest of Nigerians. It is a fact that an average Nigerian will tolerate another Nigeria of a different faith.

However, while the US has exonerated Nigeria from religious violators, groups like Amnesty International reacts to EndSar's report from the EndSARS panel and call for sanctions. They are out there to latch on to this and squeeze out every drop for what it's worth to derail Nigeria's effort and stoke more division. Nigeria is too big to fail. With 200 million people, that's more than the combined population of all of West and Central Africa.

The next most populous nation is Ghana with 25 million people. If Nigeria fails the refugee problem will take down all of West Africa. Calling for sanctions against a country fighting a myriad of armed insurgency is proof these agencies don't care about the life of the average Nigerian, who have been hoodwinked into thinking these organizations have their best interest at heart. Why the focus on sabotaging the war effort and progress made by demonizing the military.

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