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Lady reveals why her Muslim parents converted her to Christianity, why she dumped Christianity

Yeye Lara Fashola is a traditionalist who has practiced the three major religions in Nigeria. She was born a Muslim, but got converted to Christianity when she was seven years old. She later dumped Christianity for the traditional religion which she practices today

Lara is a high priestess of the Olokun deity. She is also a maritime lawyer and an entrepreneur. In a recent interview with Legit.TV, Lara revealed a lot of interesting things about herself and her husband

In the interview, Lara revealed why her Muslim parents converted her to Christianity when she was just a little girl. She also revealed why she dumped Christianity after 25 years to become a traditionalist and how her husband, who is an elder in the Redeem Christian Church Of God has been supporting her

Lara said when she was just 7 years old, her parents discovered that she possessed spiritual powers. They were concerned and worried because they had never seen anyone like her before and after some time, they decided to take her to a Church

She said the man of God who attended to her in the Church told her parents that she was born to serve God as a prophetess. "Although my parents were dedicated Muslims, they were happy to let me become a Christian and serve God as a prophetess and I did that for 25 good years," Lara said

Lara said while serving God as a prophetess, she felt amiss, and upon making some religious and spiritual investigations she discovered that becoming a high priestess of Olokun deity was her true calling

Lara said she wants to correct the wrong idea that a lot of people have about traditional religion. She said "a lot of people think that traditional religion is demonic, but it is not. Today even pastors and doctors come to me to seek spiritual help"

Lara said her husband married her when she was a Christian and even though he is an elder in RCCG, he didn't condemn her decision to become a traditionalist and has supported her every step of the way.

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