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"If You Are Not Joyful You Are Not in Love"-Oyedepo

According to Oyedepo:"The Bible calls love the is greater than faith and hope.Love will always deliver what faith cannot deliver (l Corinthians 13:13)"

"Love is failure proof: Charity never faileth:but whether there be prophecies,they shall fail;whether there be tongues,they shall cease; whether there be knowledge,it shall vanish away (l Corinthians 13:8)Love never fails, because God is love; that is what makes love a failure proof virtue"

"Love makes you indestructible: Whatever will destroy a certified and genuine lover,will have to destroy God first.Fire cannot destroy Him, because He is a consuming fire(Deuteronomy 9:3)"God is the fire that consumers fire,so when you walk in His love, you become indestructible!".

"Love makes you fearless:Fear is what makes a prey of opens the door to our tormentors and robs you of your God ordained victory.But when the love of God overwhelms you, you become fearless (l John 4:18-20). When your love is perfected,fear is eradicated.Fearlessness is the platform for supernatural victory in the battles of life"

"Love guarantees instant answers to prayers.Every anointed lover enjoys the blessedness of instant answers to prayers(I John 3:22-23).So,love is the commandment that qualifies you for supernatural additions of what God knows you need"(l Kings 3:13)"

"Love is a booster of supernatural intelligence: When you are in love, you access the realm of surpassing intelligence and mental prowess.Through love you have access to ultimate wisdom that the world cannot stop (Proverbs 8:15-16). When you are connected to divinity,the virtues of divinity begin to have natural expressions in your life.l am talking about God -the only wise God;so,when you connect to His surpassing wisdom, you tap into His fountain of wisdom, and love is what connects you to God's wisdom.Just plug the pipe of your ordinary brain to His super heavenly brain and the virtues of His brain begins to flow into you.At that point, you begin to partake of His brain Deoxyribonucleic Acid(DNA)(Genesis 41:37-44)."

"Every lover of God is supernaturally joyful.One of the greatest virtues of this love is supernatural joy;joy unspeakable full of glory.lf you are not joyful, you are not in love.David praised God seven times a day (Psalm 119:164); James 5:13; Phillipians 4:4).Joy is what enhances your access to revelation, divine strength and health (lsaiah 12:3; Nehemiah 8:10)"

"It engenders supernatural breakthroughs:As you perfect your love for God, you command unlimited breakthroughs naturally.When you obey all that He commands,He sets you up on high above all nations of the earth(Deuteronomy 28:1-12). Amazing breakthroughs become your portion when you fulfil all the commmandments; and love is the fulfilment of all the laws (Romans 8:19,13)."

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