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Theft robbery

Say these prayers before you sleep tonight For God to deliver you from the hands of your enemies

I've resolved not to forget you in the midst of all that comes my way, Yahweh. Deliver me from all deception and injustice. Please don't desert me at this time, Lord. Deliver me from (say it), hide me from the wicked's hidden machinations and the rebellion of the deeds of iniquity's rebellion.

Those who have honed their devious plans against me will be wounded by God's arrow, and those who have taken my dues into captivity will be released, and my stolen dues will be restored. 

Give me freedom from the mud of the wicked world today; come out to my spirit and touch me for good; liberate my soul from concern; don't let it be too late for me to be delivered; let your liberation cause me to flee my current situation.

Today, I forecast that I and the children the Lord has given me will be resistant to the world's cruelties. Because your views about me are wonderful, Lord, put my life on a progressive track so that I might live free of ties. I am granted freedom from all cruel and aggressive men and women for a period of time. 

Save me from all that is bringing me down, and let rid of all spiritual strangers that have a hold on my life. 

Allow your deliverance to drive me away from my current situation. Because your thoughts about me are excellent, place my existence in progressive mode so that I can live free of bonds, I predicted today that I and the children the Lord has given me are immune to the cruelties of the globe. I'm given a life.

Save me from all that is lowering me in all spiritual strangers who have a hold on my life, let go. I receive a lifestyle free of servitude from all harsh and aggressive men and women.

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