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2 enemies you must overcome to fulfill great destiny.

There are certain things which devil can use against a man's destiny. And as you are working to achieve your purpose, you must be conscious in order not to fall into the devil's trap, because his aim is to attenuate your purpose and deprive you from fulfilling your destiny.

The two (2) enemies you must overcome to fulfill great destiny are:

1. Sin: sin can attenuate the grace of God in one's life; it depreciates the grace of God in one's life. Without the grace of God, you cannot achieve great destiny. That is the reason if the devil wants to bring a Christian down, he has to destroy that Christian's relationship with God by causing him to commit sin. And as sin accumulates in the life of the Christian, the grace of God in his life depreciates.

The devil knew the great things which God wanted to do with Jesus Christ, then he thought of distorting God's programme by tempting Jesus Christ to commit sin so that he can attenuate God's plan. But our Lord Jesus Christ conquered him and God's purpose was achieved.

The devil is so smart that any slight opportunity you give to him might ruin your life and destiny. That is the reason the Bible gave the warning "resist the devil and he will flee from you."

2. Faithlessness: faithlessness is the reason many Christians fall into the hands of the devil. Faithlessness is also the reason many people fail to fulfill great destiny because they do not believe in themselves and do not have faith in God. The devil will always try to make you lose faith and confidence in the word and promises of God. The devil would always want to make you fear or doubt and however, make you seek solutions in the wrong way and deviate from the principles of God.

Fear and doubt are the elements of faithlessness and however, enemies of great destiny. If you must fulfill a great destiny in life, you must exorcise every spirit of fear and doubt; you must be optimistic and activate strong faith in God.

May God bless you, Amen!

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