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Biblical proofs that shows God did not condemn Alcohol

Many churches and Denominations in the Christian fold preach against the use of Alcohol. In fact some spiritual leaders see anybody taking Alcohol as a chronic sinner who needs repentance and spiritual cleansing. 

The fact remains that, it is not a sin to drink alcohol but it has to be done in Moderation. God did not condemn Alcohol in its entirety but frowns at the abuse of strong wines. Several Bible authors supports taking of liquor and judging from the modern day churches, one will think that consuming Alcohol is the greatest of all sins. Unfortunately, this is not true.

After carefully studying the Bible, there are more than enough proofs that Alcoholic consumption is not a sin.

 The Bible describes wine as a gift from God that can make life more enjoyable. (Psalm 104:14, 15; Ecclesiastes 3:​13; 9:7 ) The Bible also acknowledges the medicinal value of wine. 1 Timothy 5:​23 .

Jesus drank wine during his time on earth. ( Matthew 26:29; Luke 7:​34 )

 In one of his well-known miracles, Jesus turned water into wine as a generous gift at a marriage feast. John 2:​1-​10 .

What Christians' should be wary is the excess consumption of strong wine.

While the Bible mentions the positive aspects of wine, it condemns overdrinking and drunkenness. Thus, a Christian who chooses to drink alcohol would do so only in moderation. ( 1 Timothy 3:8; Titus 2:​2, 3 ) The Bible gives several reasons to avoid overdrinking.

It impairs thinking ability and judgment. (Proverbs 23:29-​35 ) An intoxicated person cannot fulfill the Bible’s command to “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason.

Romans 12:1 .

Overdrinking removes inhibitions and “the motivation to do what is right. Hosea 4:​11; Ephesians 5:​18 .

It can lead to poverty and serious health problems. Proverbs 23:21, 31, 32 .

Heavy drinking and drunkenness displease God. Proverbs 23:20; Galatians 5:​19-​21 .

When is a Christian adjudged to have abused Alcohol? 

A Christian has had too much alcohol when his drinking puts him or others at risk of harm. According to the Bible, drunkenness is identified, not by a person’s passing out, but by such behavior as being disoriented, walking unsteadily, becoming contentious, or having slurred speech. (Job 12:25; Psalm 107:27; Proverbs 23:29, 30, 33 ) Even those who avoid getting drunk can still become “weighed down with . . . heavy drinking” and experience its serious consequences. Luke 21:34, 35 .

Although, there are times when the Bible specifically Barred Christians from taking Alcohol. For example, If others would be stumbled by it.

Romans 14:21 .

If drinking alcohol violates the law of the land Romans 13:1 .

If a person cannot control his drinking. Those who suffer from alcoholism and other forms of alcohol abuse must be willing to take drastic action. And during the annual fasting period and any other personal times dedicated to God for worship. Christians are enjoined to shun Alcohol in totality during these periods.

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