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The Reality of Dream (Part Two)

The Reality of Dream

* Dreams reveals the condition of the heart as well as the voice of God within your heart, God speak to man through dreams when there is quietness.

* Dream is so powerful such that when you are born, you begin to dream, even children.

* Dream signifies failure, success, adversities, breakthrough, victory and popularity.

* Every dream has a meaning, even if it appeared confusing and nonsensically arranged.

* The Word of God, Holy Bible has so many symbols for dream interpretation.

* The Holy Spirit can interpret your dreams such that it can be used as a road map for your journey through life.

* Through Dreams, Joseph son of Jacob, the father of Jesus, Solomon the son of David, even Pharaoh, Daniel and a lot of 50 progenitors of the faith became relevant.

Mathew 13:25 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. Note these important statement concerning dreams:

* The Land of the dream is important as the physical land.

* Dreams are means of communication and you are a product of your dream

* It is dangerous t ignore your dreams because they are monitors showing you what is going on in your spiritual life.

* Your dreams never lie. You may not understand what they mean but will not tell you lies.

* Your dreams can reveal your past and your future.

* Your dreams can reveal to you your enemies, especially the hidden enemies.

* Every dream contains a message; although you may not understand it.

* God uses dreams as a way of saving His people from danger, also as a way of revealing to His people the enemy that they are facing.

* Satan is influencing our dreams and why he attacks people in dreams.

There Are Different Classes Of Dreamers:

* Those whose dreams are erased. 

* Those who forget dreams easily.

* The meaningless dreamers.

* The occult dreamers

* The dream dreamers, those who dream inside their dreams.

Whatever Dream You Have Is Influenced By Certain Factors:

* The Flesh or Carnality

* Your believers level of purity

* The kind of company you keep, your kind of friends

* Your foundational background

* The level of your spiritual life.

* Your attitude or behaviours.

* Your environment.

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