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Mixed Reactions As TB Joshua Goes To The Mountain Again To Hear From God

The Lord has said in the book of THESS and He has commanded us to pray for His Servants ,His Men... Be it Pastors, Envagelists, Prophets, and Apostles. He asked us to pray for them so that they will be full with Boldness and Utterances of the Word of God, so that they will be able to convey the message to the Children of God and those who Needeth it most.

MATHEW 1:22 also Says; Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet.

One thing I want you all to know is that the Lord will never come to us himself from heaven to minister His Word to us but rather He's going to minister and prophecied to us and into our lives using just a single person or persons like us in the same human flesh, but just that the anointing they're carrying is different from that of us. Always note it at the back of your mind that each and everyone of us have one or two things to do for coming to this world.

At exactly this period last year, you will remember that the prominent, well devoted, a role model to many, and popular man of God PROPHET TEMITOPE BALOGUN JOSHUA, who's the founder and General overseer of the synagogue Christian Church of all Nations A.K.A TB JOSHUA has been on the mountain fasting and praying to receive ministeration and prophecies this current year 2020.

When the man of God was on this mountain back then praying and fasting fervently, there he receives several prophecies of how this year is going to look like and what the people are going to experience in this very year. On this same mountain, he received prophecies about the concluded U.S Election and so on... and in which all do come to pass and we can all see the results of the Election and how fearful this year has been till now, just as he has prophesied then.

See the link to the video of what he prophesied early this year as soon as he left the mountain that has all come true.

It was being reported and bring to the general public notice earlier that since two(2) days ago, the man of God is currently on this prayer mountain again to receive more prophecies for this coming year 2021, to know God's wishes and opinions for the World in this coming year, and to also bring the morning water and stickers that is believed to be able to cure all diseases,to protect and guide us together with all our belongings.

"Right now, Prophet TB Joshua is on the Prayer mountain – the same mountain where God revealed to him this fearful year, the year of humility, the same mountain where God revealed to him the results of the American election. These revelations came to pass– as you have witnessed.

"He has been there since yesterday to know God’s opinion for you and me and the whole world. He is also there to bring to you the New Morning Water and the New Anointing Sticker to protect us and all our belongings."

The man of God has again went to the Mountain praying and fasting fervently in which he's going to be there for days, he has gone their to receive God's word, Utterances and Revelation... So, why are you not praying yet for the man of God, what are you still doing instead of asking for Boldness and Utterances of God's word for the man of God to be able to speak God's minds to us, there you're still having fun and enjoying. I believe we all reading this right now have all experienced the riddles of the year 2020. The man of God is currently doing his part, it's your turn to also help the man of God for receiving more Anointing and God's Word and knowledge to be able to share worldwide by Receiving boldness from God through the prayer of you and I.

Make sure you SHARE this with as many as you can, so that more people will be able to render their prayers to God on behalf of the Prophet, Thanks.

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