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Powerful testimonies at Dunamis International Gospel Center's IMFFC2021, DAY 1


- Pastor Joel Freitus 


I had a privilege to be here for the Ministers Conference of

2019, but before then, my ministry was a ministry of embargoes, challenges and frustration. When I came upon this Altar, I had the privilege to sew a seed. 

With the burden in my heart, when I went back the Lord opened financial doors for me and the ministry started prospering financially but there was still a persisting challenge, being a pastor where you have a ministry where people are not responding is a challenge.

 In 2020 I decided to take a journey to come with my wife, we got the privilege to meet the Servant of God and mummy, upon this Altar we exposed our matter, they prayed for us, I remember a particular prayer that daddy prayed, he said 'you this strong man, open the ministry of this man, let him go and let him prosper'. From that time, my wife also had a challenge that her urine used to smell like fish, we encountered the man of God and he prayed for my wife and me.

 On going back home that night, I had an encounter, the Angel of the Lord came to me and said, do you not know why your ministry is not working? I said no, he said look in your mouth, there are rotten teeth I said I don't have rotten teeth, he stretched forth his hand and pulled out three rotten teeth and said look, there are three rotten teeth that are blocking your ministry, he said to remove them. He removed them and replaced them with new ones. Later, I knew that the teeth were the ministers that were with me but were against the Ministry. 

When we went back home it was lockdown, the ministers we left scattered the Church.

The Church that had about 180 people remained 20 people. I reached out to the Commission here, they told me that is a conspiracy, that I should not cry and not give up, I was almost losing when I heard a message daddy preached and said you are not permitted to struggle under this mountain, I took it upon myself and said if my father is prospering, I cannot struggle. From that hour, the Ministry started to grow from number to number. From 2020 till now we have expanded to nine branches under the same ministry and my wife that used to have urine smell like a fish, that is over now and we have come to return the glory to Jesus.





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