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Declare These Prayers To God For Manifestation Of Your Destiny And Glory.

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Fruitfulness is in different categories. Many operate on partial fulfillment of the covenant of fruitfulness, while others attain absolute fruitfulness, even far more than their expectations.

Hannah requested just a male child for her to be happy and fully satisfied, but God gave her five children comprising of three sons and two daughters.

1 Samuel 2:21. And the Lord visited Hannah so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel grew before the Lord.

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The Lord disappointed Penninah, the adversary of Hannah, and the glory of the house of Elkanah was on Samuel the young Prophet of God, the son whom Hannah bore for Elkanah.

I pray that the Lord will grant you the grace of attaining absolute fruitfulness and glorify Himself in your life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Say these prayers seriously now.

1. Praise the Lord for the breaking of another day and appreciate God for the grace of witnessing another glorious day in the land of living souls.

2. Confess your sin and ask God for forgiveness.

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3. Father, as I set out this new day and the beginning of another week and for the rest of my life, please direct my steps right, and bless the work of my hand in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

4. Abba Father, grant that all my help shall always come from You alone and direct my destiny helper to me for favor and honor in the mighty name of Jesus.

5. Jesus, please set my feet on the right path, deliver me from embarking on any wrong journey and guide me against all fruitless effort, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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6. Oh Lord, build Your shield around my family to shield us against every evil arrow of the enemies that are assigned against our destiny and glory, in Jesus' name.

7. Oh Lord, my God, cover my entire family members against the scourge of the sun by day and protect us from exposure to the power of the night, for our destiny to be fulfilled in the mighty name of Jesus.

8. Father, please preserve my life and family from all evil and grant us victory over all appearances of evil all the remaining days of our lives, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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9. Jesus, please empower all my family members to triumph over every battle of life, physically and spiritually, materially and emotionally, maritally and financially, in Jesus' name.

10. Heavenly Father, deliver me from every act that can work against Your grace and mercy over my life in Jesus' name.

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