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Every first born and those in such position facing challenges in life should do this immediately

All the firstborn in the family are born with a special purpose and the devil is therefore the end of all the firstborn. It is not normal to see a lot of people, especially the elderly of families who have nothing to do and have no hope in life. There is always room for every action.

   As an elder, he had a special responsibility to be the name of the family, to take care of his father when he left, and to take care of his brothers and sisters. Many of the fights in this situation are for this reason that I urge all adults to take responsibility for their well-being today.

   The spiritual life and inability to understand it will motivate you. Many of the problems and difficulties encountered by the firstborn are all commanded in the spiritual realm and therefore this battle is not a physical or spiritual battle.

   Attacks on the firstborn begin with the Bible. In Genesis 49: 3-4, Jacob tells Ruben that because he could not live in the water, he could do so because he climbed on his father's bed. Some of the problems that arise from curses and other aspects of generosity are that God must help all the firstborn.

   Above all, if someone prays, then our God answers and that is why God calls us today to answer us. Act now in prayer and say the following prayers in the belief that God will guide all your efforts.

   1. Every oppressor in my life will soon be gone in the name of Jesus Christ.

   2. All evil ancient patterns of the first child in my life, I command you to disconnect from me in the name of Jesus Christ.

   3. Father, I establish and cut myself from the curse of all fathers in the name of Jesus Christ.

   4. Father, Lord, I shall possess what is rightfully mine in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

   5. No evil altar that wants to manipulate me in my family will not be in the name of Jesus Christ.

   6. Any evil that awaits my life as the firstborn will be destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ.

   7. Father, as you have made me head, so I shall be in the name of Jesus.

   8. Let people receive me wherever I go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

   9. I will overcome all the arrows of the enemies of my life in Jesus name.

   10. I thank you for heaven answered my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus.

   My sincere prayer is that, as the firstborn, God will rule and fight your battles, you will find help in Zion and lots shall continue to fall for you in pleasant places in the mighty name of Jesus for whom we pray. Amen

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