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Be Inspired And Uplifted With Today's Bible Study

In the Church, Sunday is a particularly appropriate day to turn to God, to rest by his side, to meditate on his Word, alone or in community. May my whole being, my existence, my senses be oriented on this day to love God and follow him more. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

This passage ends the letter that Saint Paul wrote to the Church of Philip, a city in Macedonia. I imagine him for a moment, writing these words from his prison in Rome, thinking of his friends, remembering the happy memories but also the hard work of the evangelist.

“Do not be anxious about anything”: Paul, as a faithful apostle of Christ, invites believers to turn away from all fear, radically choosing God. In turn, I entrust to God what can weigh me down, what can drag me into the depths of fear.

Paul's second piece of advice is simple: take action, take action. For a moment, I remember the inspiring people that I know or who have nourished my journey as a believer. By contemplating them, what call to action can emerge? Towards the poorest, migrants, to make known the Good News, for justice… I speak to God about it

Introduction to second listening

Let us listen to this extract from Saint Paul's letter again, as if it were addressed to me.

Invitation to personal prayer

Saint Paul invites us to make our requests known to God. At the end of this prayer, I speak to God with a heart-to-heart trust. I share with him what dwells in me, what I want to live in order to follow him more.

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