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Why It Is Forbidden For Muslims To Celebrate Eid-el-Maulud In Qatar And Saudi Arabia

Even though several Muslims will be celebrating the Eid-el-Maulud today, there are some Muslims who do not partake in the celebration.

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The Eid-el-Maulud is a day set aside to celebrate the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammed.

While the Sunni Muslims celebrate Prophet Mohammed's birthday on the 12th of the Islamic month of Rabi'al-awwal, the Shiá Muslims celebrate it on the 17th of that same month.

In all these, it should be pertinent to note that there are some Muslims who do not take part in the celebration of the Eid-el-Maulud.

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For instance, the Muslims in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are forbidden from taking part in celebrating the birth of Prophet Mohammed due to some reasons.

Some Muslims, especially in Qatar and Saudi Arabia do not celebrate Eid-el-Maulud is because they are of the belief that the celebration is against Islamic law.

Photo credit: Daily Mail

In Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Muslims who are not in support of the celebration of Prophet Mohammed's birthday are against a lavish celebration of the Prophet's birthday.

This is because it is believed in these Muslim countries that Prophet Mohammed did not celebrate his birthday while he was on Earth and so, Muslims should not celebrate it.

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This is because they believe that the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed should be followed by Muslims and his practices while he was alive, upheld.

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