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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Hajj

The following are some of the common Hajj myths and prohibitions to avoid having a pleasant Hajj experience: 

1. Changing the intention of Hajj:

The most crucial aspect of Hajj is setting an intention. 

The reward for a good deed is determined by the aim. Before taking Ihram, one can change his or her mind about the type of Hajj he or she wants to perform. If a person's intention changes, he or she can switch from Tamattu to Qiran, but not from Tamattu to Ifrad.

2. Not changing the ihram clothes:

Some people believe that by changing their ihram's white sheets, they will renounce their ihram. It is permissible to modify one's ihram at any time. After fulfilling all of the Hajj ceremonies and shaving or trimming his or her hair, the pilgrim emerges from his or her ihram.

3. Touching or wiping over the Kabah or any part of Masjid-ul-Haram:

Some individuals try to touch and swipe any portion of the Kabah or Maqam-e-Ibrahim in the hopes of finding barakah and khKhairThis is one of the most common Hajj misunderstandings and errors, and it has no validity in hadith or sunnah. Except for the Black Stone and Yemeni Corner, the Prophet (pbuh) did not touch any section of Kabah. Religion-related innovation is one among the items forbidden in Hajj, so it must be prohibited.

4. Doing multiple Umrahs:

Some people conduct several Umrahs by repeatedly assuming ihram at Masjid Ta'neem or other Meeqat. 

It is not from the Sunnah, and it is not something that should be done. Rather than completing several umrahs, one should attempt to perform as many Tawafs as feasible in top higher benefits.


1. Kutubus Sunnah

2. Fiqhul- Hajj


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