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8 Liturgical Colours In The Catholic Church And What They Are Used For

The Catholic church has everything in place when it comes to their worship centers, starting from how they arrange the church during the Holy Mass, and what they use (colour) to decorate the church or the clothes(vestments) the priests and other ministers wear. 

There are 8 liturgical colours in the Catholic and all of them represents a particular season, feasts, Solemnity, remembrance or period. 

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1. Red 

It is used for faithful people (saints) who sacrificed their life for the service of God, and this people are mostly called martyrs, It is also used for Pentecost, Good Friday and Palm Sunday. 

The Priest, alter server, lay readers and church wardens also wear their red vestments during this period, and it is also used to decorate the alter table. 

2. White or Gold 

It is mostly used for the celebration of life, feasts like the Nativity (Christmas), Epithany( it is also known as the when the 3 wise men brought gifts for Jesus) Baptism, Easter, or any other Solemnity. As aforementioned, the important people in the church wears the same colour. 

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3. Green 

It is used for ordinary season, and it is the most used colour in the Catholic church. 

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4. Purple 

It is used for Advent( preparation for the coming of Jesus, and that is 4 weeks before Christmas), and also for Lent. 

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Other colours are Black, Rose, and Blue, and these colours are used once in a while in most churches in the United States and other part of the world except Nigeria and some African countries. 

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Thanks for reading, hope you learnt something today 

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