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How A Witch Fell To The Ground When She Flew Over The Venue Of Our Worship And Wonder Night-Enenche

Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center spoke to his members on "The Power Of Light" at Ghana Apostolic Invasion Day 1 Evening, Accra, Ghana.

As he spoke about the power of light over darkness, he said that it is the disarming of darkness. Light disarms darkness. It causes darkness to be stripped of its arms and weapons. Light occasions the powerlessness of darkness. Darkness was powerful until Light appeared and it lost its ammunition and weapons.

He then told the story of how a witch fell to the ground when she flew over the venue of their Worship And Wonder Night. He said that as a witch flew over the venue of their Worship and Wonder Night, "Suddenly, the witch realized it cannot fly anymore, this was what happened in one of the crusades we had in one of the African countries and it has also happened in our Church before. We were having an all night in Church- Area one Church, and all of a sudden, they found a witch woman on the ground, she was the same colour as the ground when they harvested her and asked: What happened to you? She said, 'I am sorry for coming here'!"

"She was flying somewhere in Nasarawa State Nigeria going to Niger State Nigeria for a witchcraft meeting and she came across a no-fly zone. As we were having a Worship and Wonder Night, all of a sudden, there was a lateral engine failure, the witchcraft flight engine failed and she dropped on the ground- A woman with five children with herself and her husband in witchcraft, flying until she was disempowered, deweaponized and disarmed. That is the kind of thing that I am saying here tonight."

He then prayed, "In the Name that is above every Name- Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every force of darkness that has been armed against you, your family and your nation has lost its power tonight. In the Name of Jesus, by the Light in my hand, I disarm the power of darkness now. Everywhere those who had power shook hands with you, may their power fail! Whenever they come into your vicinity, their charms will fail because of the superiority of power."

(Fast forward the VIDEO to 1 hour for the sermon)

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