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One Popular Agenda Of The Enemy Which They Vigorously Pursue—Dr Olukoya Reveals

Dr Dk Olukoya of the Yaba based Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries has shared on his official Facebook page the video of a message he delivered on the essence of perseverance and the dedicated prayer life of believers. The cleric has also revealed in his words, one popular agenda of the enemies, which they vigorously pursue against believers.

According to the cleric, he has revealed in his words, from 0:01 to 1:17 of the video that, one popular agenda, of the enemy, which they vigorously pursue is to make us turn back when the battle is hot. According to the cleric, the enemy wants believers to lose hope and be weakened, under the weight of the battle they are facing. Whereas, with a little more effort in prayers, deliverance and witnessing, the battles could have been won.

As shared by the cleric, the enemies would have frustrated them in such a situation that, they would lose hope and faith as such, they would make up their mind not to continue again. Unknowingly, the scriptures have affirmed the promise of the Lord for all believers in Psalm 30:5 that, weeping may endure for a night, but, joy comes in the morning. Your night of struggles with the problem and serious battle of life does not last long. No matter how long your challenges may be, your morning of victory would eventually come.

As revealed by the cleric, the ultimate agenda of the enemy is to make us surrender during the weeping of the night, so that the person would not enjoy the joy that is coming in the morning. The cleric has then Prophesied into the life of believers in his words that, any person that the enemy has determined would not sing their song and dance their dance, whether the enemy likes it or not, you shall sing your song, and dance your dance, In the mighty name of Jesus.

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