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An Open Letter To All Those Complaining About The Doctrines Of Bishop David Oyedepo

An Open Letter To All Those Complaining About The Doctrines Of Bishop David Oyedepo

This letter is directed towards members of Living Faith Church, Pastors and other Christians who criticize the doctrines and methods of Bishop David Oyedepo without first understanding the call upon his life and his ministry.

Dear People;

It may interest you to know that, there are many things you have not seen or heard that this man of God has seen and heard. You may have travelled far and wide but trust me, you have not travelled spiritually, as far as Bishop David Oyedepo has travelled.

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There are chances you have travelled some places in the spiritual realm, but it is obvious that you have not travelled as far as he has travelled in the spirit realm. And until you gain such access as he has to the spiritual space, you should not speak against his doctrines and methods of teaching or preaching.

Imagined if everybody on earth is doing the same thing, no diversity and no different gifts for different purposes, the earth would have been one big rolling ball with no focus.

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Just as in the university where we have various courses and various places of applications, so also there are different ministers with different calls upon their lives. You cannot expect every preacher to preach the same thing, it is just impossible.

The holy spirit relates messages to God’s servants in different forms, and there are also, different ways that God’s servants relay these messages to the people of God. Oyedepo has received so many critics for allowing and preaching about many things in his congregation.

Bishop David Oyedepo is a man whose call is for the building up of faith and prosperity among God’s people. These are the basic things through which he is established and his ministry is based on, it is just faith and prosperity.

Before you go criticizing, you should know that, whenever Bishop Oyedepo is teaching you to have faith in God, he first of all tells you to believe in God, to believe in God, you must have had an encounter through the holy spirit, and before that you must have become a born again.

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Looking closely at what I just explained above, you will understand that the same holiness that Pastor Kumuyi preaches about is being used in another way by Bishop Oyedepo, to call people into having faith and therefore entering into the world of prosperity.

It only takes a true believer to see the true message and its contents, so next time you want to say that Bishop David only preaches about prosperity and faith, you should understand that to have such faith as the bishop is teaching, it demands that you repent and become holy.

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Some people go crazy because members wear trouser to his church and he does not complain, do you not understand that dressing descent with trouser is better than dressing half naked with skirts, mini skirts and all sorts of dresses?

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