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Tonight prayer: Say this prayer for every spiritual stagnation.

Thank God for the strength with which he has been upholding you all the years.

* Every chain and inspiration of stagnation holding me down spiritually. I command you to break by fire.

* Oh God of mercy, deliver me from the grip of spiritual stagnation and worldliness in my blood, in Jesus name.

* I take the shield of Faith of quench very fiery dark of the enemy, in Jesus name.

* Holy Spirit of God, inject me with divine immunity that will always kill spiritual germs and all evil deposits in me, in Jesus name.

* My father, open my spiritual ears to the instructions and warnings of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus name.

* Father Lord, uphold me with your right hand of righteousness, that I may not fall out of your grace, in Jesus name.

* Thou great physician, heal my wounded spiritual and physical life and make me whole by the blood power, in Jesus name.

* By the power that divided the red sea, oh Lord, protect me against dangers, in Jesus name.

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