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O Lord, give me unmerited favor, declare these Prayers

Unmerited favor is when one enjoy what he does not truely deserve or work for. As children of God we should always pray for God's Divine favor because we are serving the God who does not withhold any good thing from his children.

Another thing you must know is that unmerited favor makes destiny of a man colorful and help your labor to be more productive. you must desire it, you must pray for it, and as you do I pray almighty God will favor you exceedingly, in Jesus name.

Prayers for unmerited favor:

I pray from today henceforth the unmerited favor of God shall locate me and transform my life from poverty to prosperity, in Jesus name.

Like in the days of Joseph, let the favor of God cancel and bring me out from any spiritual prison holding my life and progress in bondage, in Jesus name.

I stand on the altar of of Prayer and decree any man or woman working against my life for evil, die by fire, in Jesus name.

Omnipresent God let me fill your presence always and let every presence of evil in my life and family be erase, in Jesus name.

I declare I shall be favored my family shall be favored through Jesus Christ my Lord, amen

Don't forget to share and may God favor you exceedingly, in Jesus name I pray.

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