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Adeboye releases fresh prophecies, sends strong message to people who don't believe his prophecies

The general overseer of The Redeemed Christian of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye has his custom to release fresh and powerful prophecies after every holy ghost service which is usually held monthly. 

These prophecies according to him are simply what God asked him to tell his people and he will share without any form of fear. However, in addition to the newly released prophecies, Pa. Adeboye said God asked him to send a strong message to people who don't believe in his prophecies. 

The prophecies are as follows;

1. There is someone who needs to be reassured, God said I will not fail you. 

2. You will not die a local champion, rather you will become a world's champion.

3. God said, all the people you have been good to will now begin to reward you.

4. I will teach you how to succeed and then help you to succeed. 

5. I will increase your speed, where you ought to be in ten years will only take you 10 days. 

6. God said certain events are called spectacular, some are called miraculous, I will give you both. 

God's warning to people who don't believe these prophecies according to Pa. Adeboye. 

Wherever whoever you are and you don't believe these prophecies the Lord says you won't taste it!

Last section of his prophecies for specific individuals

7. The Lord says your ultimate testimony will be the barren has born seven. 

8. The Lord says, I will lengthen your days so that you can complete your destiny. 

9. You are a big concern, God said don't fear your end will be glorious.

10. The word "distress" will never be applied to you again. 

If you know the importance of these newly released prophecies I believe you will want to share them, kindly do so to bless others. 

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Source of info: Dove [email protected] Holy ghost service -God bless you part 3

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