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One Mistake Every Muslim Must One Mistake Every Muslim Must Take Note When He Reaches Imam Bowing(Rukuh) In Salah.

Solat is an Arabic word which means "Prayer". And, it is the act of worshipping Allah by making takbeer , bowing(rukuh), prostration(sujud), sitting(julus) and at the end saying " Assalamu alaikum waramatullah".

In Islam , Prayer(Solat) is one among the five Compulsory pillars of Islam which every Muslim must believe with them to become right Muslim.

Prayer(solat) have about five (5) guidelines which every Muslim fulfill them for it(solat) to right and accepted by Allah . This guidelines are :- 1-Islam (Believe in Allah and his messenger),

2-Maturity , 3-Sense , 4-Attendence of time And 5-Receiving message of prophet .

Apart from this , prayer involves some features that should be conducted properly so that it will be right and accepted by Allah. This features are categories in to three (3), the categories are Obligatory (Fard) , voluntary (Sununh) and "Fadah'il" . The features involves :- Intention, first takbeer (Takbeeratul Ihram) , standing for it , reciting the opening chapter (fatihah), standing for it , reciting chapter , bowing(rukuh), raising from bowing (rukuh), prostration (sujud), raising from it , first sitting , second/last sitting , greeting (tahiyya) and lastly saying "Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah ". This is the brief description about basic features of prayer(solat) that are categories in to three (3).

And , prayer should be conducted in congregational manner , because our beloved prophet told us that , praying in congregational manner is equal to twenty seven times (27) prayer of one single Muslim , And it is lead by Imam.

And , Imam is a Muslim who have knowledge on how to worship Allah , and knows the do and don't of solat and in Islam at all . Therefore , imam is assign to lead the congregational prayer together with the other Muslims .

So in this point , I will take you to the main ideal of the article after this background I make earlier .

Many of Muslims make this mistake , when they reach Imam bowing , instead of making the first the takbeer (Takbeeratul Ihram) and then stand calm for it as I said earlier , they just make takbeer and join the imam , but they forget the first takbeer (Takbeeratul Ihram) and standing calm for it which obligatory of every prayer (solat).And , if Muslim do not perform it the way it is , he do not have the prayer(solat) completely , because he refuse to fulfill one of its basic features I stated earlier. Therefore , in this stage I'm calling the attention of all Muslims to avoid this behaviour .And if they reach imam bowing , what they should do is , make the first takbeer (Takbeeratul Ihram) and then stand calmly for it , then join the imam .And even if he(Muslim ) will lose the raka'at by fulfilling this features , its better to do so, than to rush in trying to reach Imam before he raise.

Please! share this message to other Muslims , because this mistake is happening every day and in every prayer(solat) , And we are all eye witness of this mistake.Thank you

Please share it !!

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