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Check out the only country in the world without a Mosque (no Muslims)

Right from my early years, I've always imagine if there is any country without a single muslim or a Mosque. This curiosity increases as I grow up until I discover the country.

Slovakia is the only country in the world without Islam or mosque. Slovakia enacted a policy in 2016 that made Islam unrecognised in the country. This happened in 2016 when two-thirds of the legislators including the ones from opposition party voted in favour of a bill submitted by the executive council to ban islam in the country.

Politicand in Slovakia openly revealed that they do no want Muslim population in their country. In today's Slovakia, Roman catholic church, protestant evangelical church of Augsburg confession, the Greek catholic church, the Christian reformed church and the orthodox church are the leading denominations in the country.

Czech republic is the closest country to Slovakia but compared to Slovakia there are lesser Catholic members in Czech while in Slovakia the largest denomination is catholic. The both countries has less Muslims with 0.1 percent of the total population.

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