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Open Letter From A Muslim To All Boko Haram Members To Fear Allah And Repent Before Ramadan Ends

Dear Boko Haram members;

Being an open letter from a depressed Muslim who is concerned about the innocent lives of his brethren and sisters slaughtered by Boko Hara members terrorizing Nigeria since 2009.

I wrote this to the members of Boko Haram while my heart was broken and bleeding to hear various attacks being carried out during the holy month of Ramadan. Dear Boko Haram members, your attacks have indeed emphasized the claim that you are not Muslims, you just want to spoil the image of Islam with your devilish movements. A good Muslim will never attack his fellow people let alone during the period of Ramadan.

Prophet Muhammad advised all Muslims to abstain from any form of argument or misunderstanding that can lead to chaos during Ramadan by saying "I'm fasting", but how did you follow His advice with your attacks on Nigerians while you claim that you are following his paths?

Many Muslims are using the opportunity of the holy month (Ramadan) to ask for forgiveness and blessings while you are busy destroying the lives and properties of innocent civilians. When will you repent and surrender yourselves to the Nigerian Army?

I urge you to repent before the end of Ramadan to be forgiven by Allah as you have committed different sins with your anti-Islam movements. Nigerians are also ready to accept your repentance and the federal government is also ready to rehabilitate you all.

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