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Four Ways To Provoke Heaven's Blessings

Dear readers, you must understand that God's greatest wish is to prosper his children and that can be seen in his holy book (Jeremiah 11: 29)

God doesn't find solace in our sadness, neither does he find joy in our sorrow.

He wishes us well, but, most times we fail to understand what God's plan for us all is.

Knowledge is power, but, when the purpose of a thing is not known or discovered, abuse becomes inevitable.

You can't just sit and cross your legs and expect a miracle to happen.

Is God a magician?

Definitely, he holds on something to release his blessings upon us.

God himself is against idleness and laziness.

If you want to provoke Heaven's blessings, you must do the following things;

1. Bring forth your seed:

Allow me to take you down the lane of Bible stories.

Especially the one about Cain and his younger brother, Abel.

Now, these two brothers brought sacrifices before the Lord, but unfortunately, Cain's own was rejected.

The question is this; why was it rejected?

There must be a credible reason why Cain's own was rejected.

Well, it is because the flock he brought wasn't presentable enough.

Sometimes I marvel at the kind of low quality things people give to God.

God isn't after huge or mighty sacrifices, God wants things that are pleasing enough.

You don't necessarily have to empty your account to make him Happy. Just give the best of you. And Don't give him as if your rendering a helping hand. Remember he gave you all you have.

When you give to God genuinely, God won't withhold any good and tangible thing from you.

He won't mind emptying the flood gates of heaven to pour out his blessings upon you.

2. Stop praying emotional prayer:

Our God is not an emotional driven God.

Your tears don't move him one bit. Your actions do.

You can't be devoid of God's word and expect him to bless you.

It's a big lie

If you must receive blessings from the creator of heaven and Earth, then, stop praying emotional prayers and start addressing God by his words.

He regards his word a lot more that any other thing.

Pray by his word.

3. Give God basis to bless you:

What have you done for God?

What instructions of his have you obeyed?

What level of help have your rendered to others, especially the less privileged around you?

These good deeds are what will eventually speak before in times of blessings.

If there are certain good deeds you have done in the past, then, hold on to them.

As you ask God for his blessings, remind him of the good things you did.

And truts me, if you do this, God will surely consider you and release his blessings upon you.

4. Fast and engage in an alter of prayer

If you wish to provoke Heaven's blessings upon your life, embark on consistent fasting and prayer.

I have actually given us things that have worked and are still working for people.

If you desire to provoke Heaven's blessings, then, do these things.

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