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What Is God Telling Nigeria And Africa Through Covid-19? - Sunday Adelaja Reveals

Sunday Adelaja, who is the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Embassy of God in Kyiv, Ukraine. He took to his verified YouTube channel to released a video, where he reveal what God is telling Nigeria and Africa through Covid-19.

Here is the link to the YouTube video released by Sunday Adelaja:

But in case you don't have the luxury of time and data to watch the video on YouTube or Facebook. Here is the summary of everything Sunday Adelaja said in the video.

Hello everybody, I'm Sunday Adelaja. Today, I want to talk about, "What is God telling Nigeria and Africa through Covid-19?" We've always taught that the problem in Africa is leadership, and we believe that, if we are just fortunate enough to have good political leaders, then our continent would have been better, our Nigeria would have been doing better.

The problem is with all of us. We all need to become the leaders of our continent. We all need to take the responsibility to develop our nations, and our continent.

In my book, "Nigeria and the Leadership Equation," you will see that I've already explain that, messiah are not leaders anymore. We should take our destiny into our hands, and the way to do it is to become people of values, virtues and we need to change our value systems.

Actually, the main important problem in Nigeria, is no more the problem of leaders and even of Africa. It is not just of leaders, it's caused because of people. It's people that receive bribe to vote for wrong people, for the wrong leader. It is the people themselves that have compromised their value system.

Value system is our main problem. We need to embrace new value system. A value system that is capable of bringing about development, and civilization. Value system like diligence, hard work, scientific method and research, because it's the value system of people that bring about their behaviors, determines their lifestyle, patterns and habit.

It's the Church that build the core value system of a nation, especially with the kind of teaching we teaches. In God's eye, what ever happens in Church happens in a nation. As goes Church, as goes the nation.

So, it's about the messages that is coming from the Church, that determine the value system of the people. Even people in media, education and also traditional people goes to one Church or Mosque or the other.

So, that's why i focused more on religion (Church and Mosque), that we should change our messages. If we change our messages, we should be able to change our country. In Nigeria alone, 85million are claiming to be a Christian. Which is 45% of Nigeria population.

So, if we have 85million Christians in Nigeria, why is Nigeria backward, and not developing. The issue is, the message we are preaching is not inline with development, but inline with instant gratification that doesn't bring about development. That's why we need to bring our Churches to begin to preach messages that are inline with development.

We have the largest religious people yet our nation is not progressing, because our messages are not helping our national development. We pray, give and go to Church, and still they don't turn into national transformation. Religion is obviously not helping us. That's why we need to change our value.

Covid-19 is a blessing in disguise. Jesus said, the Father seeks for those that will worship him in spirit and in truth, not in building. Now, we need to understand that, God is trying to speak to the Church in Africa and in Nigeria, through Covid-19 situation.

Covid-19 is telling us to shift our emphasis, into going to the physical temple to worship God, and discover the principles of God in truth and in spirit. It is the worship of God in spirit and in the truth, that makes the difference in the life of a believer, and it is until our lives is built by God, before we can build a nation.

Thank God for Covid-19, now we've seen the need to do things differently. Let us embrace, review and readjust our belief system. So that we can begin to experience development, and protection in our nation.

Through Covid-19, God is pushing the Church from the buildings to where people are.

Source: Dr. Sunday Adelaja YouTube Channel

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