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The Country That Doesn't Have A Single River, Lakes And Mountain But Still Looks Beautiful

Most times, countries are being known and recognised for what they have in their physical environment, such as water, land formations, minerals, air, and vegetation, which also helps to beautify the environment.

Meet Vatican City, one of the smallest and amazing country in the world, without a single river, lakes or mountains in it, but still remains a beautiful location.

Vatican City

Vatican City is one of the most amazing countries to visit in the world, having the Pope as the head, it's surrounded by Italy and Rome. Vatican City is also the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and it's known for being a place where the Pope lives.

Vatican City, which has about 825 population in the year 2019, is the country without a lake, mountain and river in it, (depends on Italy for their water supplies) but it's located on the west bank of the Tiber River, and also no one can be born there, because the country has no hospital or facilities for child birth.

And most of the people who live there are celibate men (a person who abstains from marriage or anything to do with a boy and a girl relationship) based on their religious ways of life and some of them are not from Vatican City.

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Lakes And Mountain But Still Vatican City


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