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Take charge of your morning; Ensure you declare these prayers for wealth and protection today

We all are already alive. Yet again we have woken up to a brand new day. For some people, this has nothing to do with God's mercy but for we children of God, we know it has everything to do with his mercy. Anything could have happened while we slept yet here we are.

Therefore, let us thank God and at the same time, command our morning. True, times are hard, true, there seems to be no hope, true we need this and that but Phillipians assures us that the Lord will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Let us pray

Lord we thank you for yet another new day. We ask for forgiveness of sins Lord and that you give us the grace never to sin again.

Heavenly father I declare that today, by the power in your name, every closed door must begin to open. For your word tells me that your thoughts for me are for good not for evil to give me an expected end. Success is my expected end, grant that into me In Jesus name.

Lord, I come against every force of darkness after my life or my family and I decree that I shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living(Psalm 118 vs 17).

Heavenly King, your word in Isaiah chapter 65 assures us of your blessing in a new Jerusalem. Father, may all we do today attract blessings. Even our footsteps, our voices, may they attract blessings in Jesus name.

Finally Jesus, I beg you for the grace to be good. To live my life to the fullest and still live for you. Take the wheels Lord in Jesus name.


You can include Psalm 23, 91, 121, 35 and Psalm 1.

Good morning and have a nice day guys.

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