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7 Things About Jesus In Islam That You May Not Know About

Christmas is a major Celebration for Christians all over the World, because it is a Celebration for the death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A lot of people believe that Jesus is only important to Christians and not Muslims, but the truth is that Jesus is a very important figure in the Islamic religion.

In this article I bring to you six relevant things about Jesus and Mary in Islam, that you may not know about.


Jesus and his earthly mother Mary including Angel Gabriel including some other bible characters such as Abraham, Noah are in the Koran.


Muslim are taught that Jesus Christ ('Isa' in Arabic) was one of God's dedicated prophet and he was also born to Earth by a virgin woman, and will also come back to the World before judgement day to defeat 'al-Masih ad-Dajjal' (fake Messiah). This is also the belief of Christians.


Mary ( Known as Maryam in Arabic) who is the earthly mother of Jesus Christ has a full chapter in the Koran. She is a very important figure in the Koran, and she is the woman that is mentioned by her name. Although other women or female are mentioned but not by their names such as Queen Sheba, Wife of Adam and so on.


Just like other prophets, Muslim always say 'Peace Be Upon Him' when they are referring to Allah, and Christians also do same.


The Quran has different pages and verses where the miracle of Jesus was discussed, which means that Muslim believe that Jesus Christ came to earth, and he performed lots of miracles.


The story of the birth of Jesus Christ can be found in the Koran, the part where he officially declares himself as a prophet of God can also be found in the Koran.


Jesus Christ is recognize as the son of Mary and prophet of God in the Koran.

As you can see Jesus and Mary is recognize in the Koran, which means that Islamic religion is not that different from Christianity. Their believe may differs but they are related in some ways.

What is your opinion about this? Please share your thoughts through the comment section, and feel free to share this article with others. Thank you for reading.

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