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Today's morning prayer: Father, frustrate those frustrating my efforts towards success

Merciful God! Thank you for allowing me to see the new day, let your name be magnified.

You know the end from the beginning, you also know enemies of my success, likewise, those frustrating my efforts to succeed in life. Father, frustrate their efforts as well.

Multiply the little effort I put in to achieve my goals and bring my plans to that end that I expect. Expose my unfriendly friends and keep them far away from me. Let the ground open and swallow every enemy that has sworn to work for my downfall.

Encourage me in my time of difficulties and make me strong to overcome my trials. Expose those scheming to lure me away from you. Teach me to live each day according to your Will, and help me establish a better relationship with you.

The road to success is narrow and difficult, help me not to fall prey to the devil. Illuminate my part and order my steps in your words. Break every yoke of shame, fear, and self-hate obstructing my progress.

Father, I come to you for safety! Deliver me from the deadly trap of my enemies. Break every evil mirror which the enemy is using to monitor and manipulate me.

Uphold me with your grace so that I may not relapse into my sinful ways. Open my eye to see the truth about you, my heart to know you more.

Jonathan helped David when he was in danger. Bring across to me friends and people with good hearts, who will help me in life.

Keep me away from unforeseen circumstances that may bring an abrupt end to my joy. 

I present these requests before you in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


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