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Check Out the Bible Teaching Concerning Eating Meat Without Removing the Blood

Have ever seen people who eat meat with the blood in it? Or have you seen people who eat blood of animals that are cooked? Have you for once been involved in this kind of dieting? Let's see what the Bible said concerning the issue of eating meat with blood in it. If you are a bible believer, let's go to the Bible and see what it said on this topic.

After the destruction of the world with flood God gave human beings authority to eat meat even as he gave them plant products after creation.

But he issued a warning concerning this . Let's see it from the Bible (Gen 9:3-4) Every living thing that lives shall be food for you. and as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything" only you shall not eat flesh with the life, that is it's blood. This same position was maintained by the Christian council in Jerusalem.( Acts 15: 29)

So both Judaism and Christianity agree on the issue of removing blood from the meat before eating it. I do not know the position of other religions on the subject matter. Christians are therefore expected to remove blood from the slain animal before preparing them for human consumption.

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