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Followers Of Jesus Till death - The 12 Apostles Of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ started his ministry on earth and like any master you'll need someone who will follow in your footsteps but for Jesus he had more than just 1 person because he was preaching to the masses and such task will need more than just a handful of people so he picked 12 disciples to accompany him.

In Christian teachings,the apostles of Jesus were also known as the 12 disciples or in short,the 12.Throughout the life of Jesus the apostles of Jesus were his friends and companions.They would go anywhere Jesus went and were primary  ministers of the gosple. they would sometimes perform miracles and do good just as their master Jesus.One of the most prominent disciples or lead of them all were Peter(Fully known as Simon Peter) and John the beloved(Jesus Favourite cause he was the youngest).The Disciples were both found in different manners.Some of them were left with no choice and decided to leave their families to go with Jesus because they believed they had a greater reward in heaven and some left their jobs.

Not all disciples were faithful or without blemish or sin till the end.Peter as Jesus predicted,denied Jesus three times when the cock crow and Judas the Iscariot betrayed Jesus by selling Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver which he later hanged himself for.

The Disciples till the very end stayed stayed faithful to Jesus even till death.Jesus before ascending into heaven entrusted his great commission with each of them.And they continued spreading the gospel till the death of each of them.

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