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When you pray and God does not answer you, do these 5 things

Often times in life, we are faced with difficult situations that we wish and pray God to just appear out of the blues and rescue us. But no, God's timing is always different from our timing and His way is greatly different from ours.

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At such cases where we expect God to rescue us immediately and He does not, we usually feel that God has forgotten us. Meanwhile, because God sees the end from the begining, and because He has greater plans for us than we can ever imagine, He often ignores our petty requests.

However, when you are at your worsts, at your ugliest predicaments and pains yet your prayers are being delayed, try these five things and they will restore your peace of mind while you go about your earthly businesses waiting, hoping and trusting in God.

01. Examine your ways:

When Christ was teaching at the temple of Jerusalem, He instructed His audience that whosoever has a case with his brother should first of all go home and settle it so his offering could be acceptable onto God. This is God's standard, settle whoever that has case with you before presenting your offerings or prayer requests to God.

If you are fighting or quarrelling with anyone, go and settle with them. If you are keeping malice or grudges against anyone, forgive them. If you are owing anyone and you have what you borrowed, pay them back. In doing these, you are creating a straight path for your prayers and offerings.

02. Give alms, Goodwill offerings and godly sacrifices

Offerings and sacrifices are as old as the worship of God. It can be dated back to the lives of Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis where they offered sacrifices to God for blessing them with bountiful harvest.

Whatever you are asking for from God, never forget to appreciate the ones He has done for you.

Also remember to make your prayers at the point of your offerings. While visiting motherless babies' homes, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, homes and refuge camps, you definitely would see more reasons to be grateful to God, but don't forget the the major burden of your heart.

03. Forgive anyone that has offended you.

An unforgiving heart is like a man who drinks poison and expect another to die. When you keep grudges, it does not affect your offender but you. That pain of unforgivingness dents your heart before God and renders your offerings unacceptable.

Remember that in; "Our Lord's Prayer", you pray God to forgive you your sins as you forgive those who have sinned against you. Imagine such prayers being a lie because you still have people you have not forgiven.

04. Share your prayer requests with those who share the same faith you.

The essence of doing this not because God cannot answer you directly but the Bible said that a word is confirmed in the mouths of two or three witnesses. Recruit witnesses for you before God and let prayer offerings go up from different heart onto God concerning you.

Remember, when chosing, chose those who have a good record of faith.

05. Have faith and never give up.

Never forget that God's timing is the best. When you pray according to His will and your answer is being delayed, continue trusting and believing and don't be like the doubting Thomas. Encourage yourself in God like David does and continue to hope on his mercy.

If you were able to have patient till the end, you will understand why God took his time and maybe then, you will thank Him for not answering you when you thought you needed Him most.

Never forget that:

When you ask for wisdom, God gives you puzzles to sort.

When you ask for courage, He gives you daunting situations to deal with.

When you ask for help, God sends you strangers.

When you ask for strength, He gives you tasks to complete. In all, be patient and never be found untrusting.

May God be with you.

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