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First Day in the Month of September, Declare These Prayers For Protection and Thanksgiving To God

1. Oh Lord, I exalt and magnify your name for your goodness in my life. I give you praise for your mighty acts in my life. Let your tender mercies be my portion this day in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord, i receive salvation and deliverance through your finished work on the cross in Jesus name. I divinely jump and pass over every satanic weapon formed against me and my household this new month in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord of EBENEZER, take my feet to LEAP and JUMP OVER every PIT or NET of the enemy this new month in Jesus name. I command my adversaries this month: JUMP INTO YOUR OWN NETS in Jesus name. Holy Ghost, scatter every SECRET PLAN TO PUSH ME INTO A MISTAKE I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM in Jesus name.

4. MY LIFE, FAMILY, HELPERS; JUMP AND PASS OVER every IRREVERSIBLE MISTAKE in this new month. I JUMP AND PASS over every IRREVERSIBLE MISTAKE in September in Jesus name. Oh Lord, pull me out of the net that they have laid secretly for me: for thou art my strength. I JUMP AND PASS in Jesus name.

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