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Midnight prayers Against evil Foundations

Destroy every stubborn foundation in your life. Break every network of witches over your life. Break the power of the enemy manipulating you. Crush every ancestral covenant over your life. Destroy every satanic claim over your life and future. By fire destroy every satanic investment in your foundation.

Command demons assigned against your family to die by fire destroy every satanic foundational problem. Crush every agreement of unfulfilment and non achievement.

Destroy every parental negative influence in your life. Destroy every evil tree planted against your family. Ask Holy Ghost to take over with a glorious reconstruction. May every satanic bondage in your family be destroyed in Jesus name.

Ask the power of God to swallow up evil attractions. Call for the beauty and glory of God over your family. Begin to thank Jesus for transformations.

As we pray, may we be blessed and prosperous in life in Jesus mighty name.

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