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Check out this seven countries that ban the Bible.

The Bible is believed to be the God's words and rules that every Christian should obe. But in some countries, owing a Bible is dangerous and seeing just one page could cause you to go to jail. Check out this seven countries where the Bible is banned.

1. North Korea

In this totalitarian state, the only thing the citizens of North Korea are permitted to worship is the nation's leader, Kim Jong-un. The Bible and the Quran are banned and those found in possession of one will face imprisonment, torture and even death.

2. Somalia

The Christian living In Somalia face constant persecution from radical Islamic studies and government officials.

3. Maldives

The Maldives have a reputation for being a luxurious idyll but a Bible can get you into trouble in this Paradise. Under the country's strict Islamic laws, importing a Bible is forbidden. There is currently no complete translation of the Bible in Dhivehi, the offical language of the tropical nation.

4. Morocco

It is against the law to carry a Bible translated into Arabic in Morocco.

5. Libya

Just like Morocco, Libya he laws against bringing Bibles in the Arabic language into the country. The distribution of Bibles and evangelism is illegal.

6. Uzbekistan

In this central Asian dictatorship, high penalties are imposed on those who own Bibles. Authorities are known to detain Christians found in possession of the holy book.

7. China

The Chinese communist party banned online Bible downloads, emptied bookshops off Bibles and even went to the extent of altering the verses of the scriptures replacing them with President Xi words.

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