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Use This Secret Psalms To Pray While Taking Your Bath (16/07/2020)

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Prayer is the master key to everything in life, it is the communication between man and God, it is a key to open the doors of success, it a strength for you while a weakness to Satan

It answers when difficult times come, it answers when for God to glorify himself, it answers for other people to glorify God in your life, pleas do not joke with prayers because it is your spiritual weapon

This morning, it is another new day, start it with prayers and also end it with prayers, declare your day with this powerful prayers

1 God, guide and protect me through the journey of today

2 No weapon formed or fashioned against me shall prosper

3 Every evil agenda over me is destroyed in Jesus name

4 I cover myself with the blood of Jesus

5 Father, let my helper locate me

6 Every handwriting of the devil over me is teared by fire.

7 Father, as am going, let your unmerited favour follow me

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