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2 Ways To Avoid Having Bad Dreams As A Christian

Dreams are one of the things that happen to every human being while sleeping. Also, some dreams can represent good things while others can be a sign of evil things.

However, many people hate having bad dreams and they are curious to know how to avoid having these bad dreams while sleeping in the night.

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So, here are 2 ways to avoid having bad dreams as a Christian.

Christian Should Always Say Their Night Prayers Before Sleeping.

A lot of Christians don't know that God can help them to stop having bad dreams by saying their prayers before sleeping.

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Therefore, Christians should ensure that they seek for God's protection in the night.

Christians Should Avoid Having Scary Or Bad Thoughts Before Sleeping.

Another way Christians could avoid having bad dreams is by removing scary and bad thoughts from their minds.

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Also, Christians should make sure that their minds are filled with positive things before sleeping so that they won't have bad dreams.

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