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Astrology Divination


Say these prayers before you step out this morning

Merciful Creator! It's never your wish that I should perish, that is why you have given me the privilege to see another new day you have made, and as well make amendments for my inadequacies. Be glorified.

Lord, I present today before you, and I ask that you grant my heart desires, and as well bring me into the future that I hope for.

I can not do anything without you, hence I ask for divine assistance in all my endeavors. Also, strengthen me when my strength fails me. Give me the wisdom to do things rightly and timely. Make a way where there is no way for me. Make me firm in my decisions.

I pray against unfriendly friends luring me away from the truth. Father, give me the power to discern and distinguish real from fake. Keep me away from manipulative spirits. Protect me from lying tongues. Keep me away from evil eyes and monitoring mirrors.

Likewise, I pray against powers in the high places collaborating to frustrate my efforts, plotting to disgrace me, and cause my downfall, Father step in and punish them including those who take pleasure in oppressing the lesser one among us.

I ask that you remove every seed of sorrow planted in my life. Destroy anything that will make today regretful for me.

You are the greatest of all physicians, therefore grant me healing from any known or unknown sickness troubling me. Give me joy in times of sorrow, comfort me when trouble comes.

Forgive my sins and heal my relationship with you, and help me live better than before, make my heart teachable and enhance my understanding. Grant me victory over my problems today. 

These and more I ask in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


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